The members and associates of the Bucks Motorcycle Club appreciate you stopping by to visit us.  While you explore, click on our Santa Saturday® link and learn about our annual fundraising event bringing members of the leather and LGBTQIA+ community together for over 50 years!

Bucks M.C.
P.O. Box L-543, Langhorne, PA,19047


It is with heavy hearts and clear minds that we release this additional more detailed statement in support of original statement dated April 21, 2024. The prior statement was in part our response to a Facebook post dated April 16, 2024, then edited after the fact. It had originally included the public naming the Bucks M.C. Club, in conjunction with our 2023
Santa Saturday® event pertaining to unfounded allegations by then member Donna S. against fellow member Alyssa D. A Special Committee was established to perform an audit of receipts and disbursements pertaining to our 2023 Santa Saturday® event; this included personal financial records of and provided by Alyssa D. The committee consisted of four (4) current members of the club: the current Treasurer, a member of the club who was a full member at the time of the event and to offer some balanced fairness, two (2) now full members of the club who were not members at the time of the event. It was determined by the committee that all monies associated with the 2023 Santa Saturday® event were accounted for effective December 27, 2023; it was in fact determined the club owed monies back to Alyssa D. based on the results of the audit. The audit findings by the Special Committee were then provided to the Membership Committee, which includes the Vice President, two (2) member appointees and one (1) alternate appointee. Two (2) members of the committee recused themselves from this specific member review due to relationship and potential bias regarding the two (2) members under review. The committee reviewed the facts and evidence presented in conjunction with our Bylaws and provided a report with recommendations to the club for a vote during a “closed session” at our meeting on June 10, 2024.
Our prior original statement has been further supported and substantiated by the aforementioned actions taken by the club. The Bucks M.C. stands by its original statement in part as such “We are confident in our findings that the circumstances involved were between individuals outside the operation of the Bucks M.C.“. Furthermore, any
agreements made outside the operation of the Bucks M.C. were deemed irrelevant and as such not considered part of any decisions.
We also want to include in this statement the charity We Are Better Together (WABT), one of the named benefactors of our 2023 Santa Saturday® event, after more than ample time has passed and upon written request to provide by May 31, 2024, was unable to provide evidence of their 501(C) registration; this was a known requirement of all our charities.
As such, on June 10, 2024 it was voted on and decided by the members the remaining portion of the proceeds originally earmarked for WABT totaling $7849.36 would be divided evenly and immediately dispersed to the remaining three (3) charities: VNA Health Group (Project R.E.A.L.), FACT Bucks County & The Center in Asbury Park. In total each remaining charity gets $2616.45 each.
In conclusion and to close this matter, it is evident the integrity of our club and Santa Saturday® event was put into question; however, we have the support of fact-based evidence on our side. The Bucks M.C. has a more than 52-year
history of honesty and integrity; we will continue to ride STRONG and STEADFAST against anything to the contrary and are proud of that longstanding solid reputation.

Bucks M.C. 2024 Executive Board

Santa Saturday®

Santa Saturday® 2024 is Confirmed! 

Join the Bucks MC for our 51st Santa Saturday® as we are “Coming Back to Our Roots.”  The Santa Saturday® event will take place on November 29th & 30th at New Hope Inn & Suites as we return to where it all started.   Come celebrate with us during the giving Season and help us give back to our Community.  Join us as we bring fun  and hilarious entertainment, holiday auctions and plenty of holiday cheer.  This is an event you don’t want to miss as we team up with New Hope Celebrates for a fun filled weekend.

Rooms can be booked by calling New Hope Inn & Suites at (215)862-5221 and mentioning “Santa Saturday®.” 

New Hope Inn & Suites, 6426 Lower York Rd, New Hope, PA 18938

Friday, November 29, 2024  –  Holiday Meet and Greet                                                                                             8:30pm – 10:30pm 

Saturday, November 30, 2024    –  Santa Saturday®                                                                                                       12pm-6pm Auction and Shows @1-6pm                                                                                          

Check back often for Santa Saturday® updates!



History of Santa Saturday®

Santa Saturday® originated in New Hope, Pennsylvania and is one of the oldest and largest East Coast Leather charity events still to this day.  The Buck’s Motorcycle Club originated and has been hosting this event since 1973, celebrating over 50 years of services to the LGBTQIA community and its charities.  All proceeds raised are donated to charity, and we would love the opportunity to share more about these wonderful charities so please visit below for information.  Santa Saturday® is a sanctioned event by the Atlantic Motorcycle Coordinating Council.


Santa Saturday® is a charitable event with a combination of the following:

  • Entertainment by performers associated with the Bucks MC
  • Service Awards for worthy individuals
  • Photos with the Bucks MC’s Santa
  • Vendors for goods and services including bootblacks and leather goods
  • 50-50 raffle 
  • Food and Refreshments



2022 Charity Organizations Assisted





On October 31, 1972, The Bucks Motorcycle Club was born in New Hope, Pennsylvania. 

The Bucks MC is an organization whose fraternal atmosphere provides members of the LGBTQIA Community to come together over shared interests of leather, levi, and motorcycles. As an organization we have hosted and participated in social activities both privately as a club as well as in the form of our public charity event Santa Saturday®.  The Bucks MC has held our annual charity event, Santa Saturday®, since 1973 – which draws over one thousand individuals raising funds to benefit HIV/AIDS and other local charities. The Bucks MC is a “not for profit” organization.

Bucks M.C. Calendar

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Become a Member


Eligibility for membership in the Bucks M.C. is opened to all gay/gay friendly persons 21 years of age or older in accordance with the Bucks M.C. Constitution and its By-Laws. Anyone interested in obtaining active membership is required to file an application. The applicant and two sponsors who are full active members, will sign the application.

Classes 0f Membership


After an applicant has attended two regular meetings, a vote for pledge will be on their third meeting. A two-thirds affirmative vote of the active membership will enable the applicant to be considered a pledge. The pledge must attend three regular meetings, during which time they will be entitled to wear the Bucks M.C. pledge patch. The pledge is expected to attend all club functions during this period. On their sixth meeting a pledge may obtain active membership, if they receive an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the active membership, including any proxy votes. A Pledge must be present at this meeting.



Any person who has successfully completed their pledge-ship is considered an active member.



After years of service and dedication to The Bucks M.C. – members may be eligible for the honor of Emeritus status after time spent as a full member and/or officer of The Bucks M.C.  A vote may be called by existing members of The Bucks M.C. to offer Emeritus membership as an extension of the club’s appreciation for years of service.

Associate Membership:

Associate membership is opened to all gay/gay friendly applicants 21 years of age or older and must receive two-thirds affirmative vote of the active membership. Associate members are entitled to receive an associate patch. An associate member can not vote.


New active members will be assessed an initial fee which will include the first month’s dues and the use of the back patch. Associate members will be assessed dues annually.

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